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New vehicular bridge joins the Pablo Sexto and San Judas neighborhoods in District III

Under a sun that illuminated the new work of the common good, the families that live in the neighborhoods Pablo Sexto and San Judas celebrated the afternoon of this Tuesday, March 22, the improvement of road infrastructure of a block of street lined with asphalt and the construction of a Vehicular Bridge that joins both sectors.

The new road work was built through the 2021 Annual Investment Plan and will be very useful when the construction of the mega Juan Pablo II Track Expansion Project begins, since it will serve as an alternative route for vehicular circulation in the managuas.

The investment cost of this work for the common good was 3 million 920 thousand 675 córdobas and it directly benefits 12 thousand 151 inhabitants, who now have better road access in the sector.

“We are happy and satisfied to see the transformations that the neighborhoods of our capital have had, through the significant investments that have been made in the Annual Investment Plans, here we are talking about 12 neighborhoods that we have in one place and that make up to the San Judas neighborhood, this work that we deliver today is a demand of the families and we are going to continue accompanying and working for the residents of the capital ”, commented Comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, at the inauguration ceremony of this vehicular bridge.

The protagonist Auxiliadora Cano highlighted that the new project was carried out on a main street that benefits many children who go to their study centers and also serves as an alternative way to go to the Suburban Track, “before this bridge was built it was a ravine It was not possible to pass on foot or by vehicle, but now with this work, the San Judas neighborhood looks beautiful, this work is wonderful, we thank God, Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario ”, said the beneficiary.

In the same way, the protagonist David Sandoval expressed himself “we feel extremely happy with this bridge, now we have communication between the neighborhoods”.

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