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Capital Commune presents Public Spaces Rehabilitation Plan in Managua

Full of joy and enthusiasm to serve the community, Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, began on the morning of this Monday, March 22, the Plan for the Rehabilitation of Public Spaces in the city, Capital.

This plan began with the total construction of the Planetarium park in the Chiquilistagua Region of District III of Managua, which was previously made of land and had a significant investment of 630 thousand córdobas, where now the children of this sector will be able to enjoy better conditions, such as part of the restitution of rights promoted by the Good Government led by Commander Daniel and the Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo.

“For us it is a privilege to serve the families of the capital, since we started this Renovation Plan with 334 infrastructures of public spaces, of which 228 are parks. In some places they will be total constructions and in other repairs, it depends on the degree of deterioration of the parks that we find, ”said Mayor Rueda.

He also announced that, in this first stage, through the Ornato Directorate, 10 million córdobas will be invested, which will be the total construction or repairs in 20 recreation and leisure spaces for the managuas.

One of the protagonists was the 9-year-old boy Azael Selva Dávila, who said he was happy with this new space for healthy recreation, “It's nice, before there was only dirt and dust, there was nowhere to play, now it will be more joyful to come with my friends and my dad to have fun ”.

In these public recreation spaces, the capital city will guarantee cleanliness and proper operation, especially of children's games, so that families can enjoy these fun spaces with love.

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