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Hugo Chávez neighborhood of District VI with the 50% of its paved streets

Fulfilling the demands of the residents to have decent streets, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, executed the Road Improvement of 6 blocks in the Hugo Chávez neighborhood of District VI of the capital, directly benefiting 8,290 inhabitants.

This project had a significant investment of 2 million 450 thousand córdobas and is part of the 2021 Streets for the People Program, which for this year has projected to build 830 blocks.

The work of progress was inaugurated and delivered to the families of this sector, by the Vice Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, who said that work continues to advance with the projects that bring well-being to the residents.

“We feel happy in the Hugo Chávez neighborhood that thanks to the Government of Commander Daniel it already has 50 % of its paved, cobbled streets, here when it rained there were critical emergency situations, in the summer it was tremendous dust clouds, but now they will live better . We continue to advance in the capital, working intensely ”, affirmed the mayor of the capital Enrique Armas.

The inhabitants of the sector were satisfied with the work because they will no longer suffer in the winter and summer season. This was expressed byhe protagonist Mercedes Rosales stressed that this work “is a great advance for Hugo Chávez, we continue in the fight and we thank God and our Commander, this street is a total change, before they were quagmires, it is another achievement of the neighborhood Nicaragua is advancing, the projects are not stopped by anyone ”, he added.

In the same way, the resident Esteban Parrales said “I am the founder of the Hugo Chávez neighborhood, the change that exists is incredible, this was a riverbed or river, every time it rained there were floods, but it has been improving thanks to God and our Good Government, and with this street it will be a success, because we will have a connection with the Cassaly, Waspán and Camilo Chamorro neighborhoods ”, he concluded.

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