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Comuna Capitalina holds the Lenten Gastronomic Festival in the Iván Montenegro market

With great joy, cultural numbers, meals of the summer season and to the sound of marimbas, the merchants of the eight markets of Managua “took their house out the window” at the 2021 Lent Gastronomic Festival, held in the populous shopping center Ivan Montenegro.

More than 20 merchants from the popular dining rooms of the eight markets and neighborhoods of the Capital participated in this contest, who exhibited the different dishes of the summer season.

The Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, made a tour of the pineapple food stands with the judges, Chef Lucía Canales Sequeira and Chef Yader Santana Pavón who tasted the soups and dishes presented by the contestants.

The winner of the first place of this festival of flavors, was obtained by the merchant of the Iván Montenegro Market, Lorena Baltodano Parrales who presented the Siete Mares seafood soup, impressing the palate of the qualifying jury.

Second place was awarded to the young Pablo César Huete Rivera from the 14 de Septiembre neighborhood, with a summer rice and Tipitapa fish, and third place went to the market trader Roberto Huembes, Martiza Calderón Cruz with her cheese soup.

Comrade Reyna Rueda explained that the winner of the first place will participate next Saturday, March 20, in the departmental contest that will be held in Puerto Salvador Allende “and then on March 27 () we will be in the Mining Triangle, in Siuna , already in the final, at the national level with the 153 municipalities of the country ", he specified.

For her part, Mrs. Lorena Baltodano, winner of this first contest, said she felt happy and very motivated for next Saturday, “I am very happy, I had already participated in this festival in previous years, but I was only in second and third place, thanks to God this time I won first place and I will represent with great pride the eight markets of the capital ”, he said.

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