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Mercado Oriental awaits the managuas with summer discounts

Beginning this summer, the merchants of the municipal markets of Managua announced sales and many offers in all the products of the season, as part of the discount festival "Everything for love, everything with love in victories and hopes."

This discount festival was announced in the Oriental market, in a tour made by the Vice Mayor of Managua Enrique Armas Rosales, to the municipal markets, as part of the model of citizen power, promoting communication and direct articulation with the different sectors of society, in this precise case with the merchants of Managua.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas verified the prices of the fairs in the different products of the summer season, for which he recommended Nicaraguan families to visit the capital markets, where they can find many discounts and very low prices.

For their part, the merchants also extended the invitation to families to make their purchases in the 8 municipal markets, which provide them with security, good prices and excellent service; This was stated by the young Joselyn Zeledón from the El Rey store, who said that in this place they can find hats for the beach, as well as other items of the season at very low prices.

Likewise, the young Geovana Peña, a merchant at the Nike store, said that swimsuits, blouses, shorts and inflatables are offered at prices that are estimated from 60, 100 and 150 cordobas; Likewise, Mrs. María José Zamora from the Dollar Store said that from this weekend they will be with fair prices, applying the 20% of discounts on all their products.

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