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Comuna Capitalina executes Comprehensive Storm Drainage and Road Improvement Project in the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood

The residents of the Lomas de Guadalupe neighborhood in District VII will be benefited by a comprehensive project executed by the Municipality, the project has two components, one for storm drainage and the other for road improvement, the work in addition to building a new road corridor in the district , eliminates a vulnerable point to flooding and is carried out through the District's Annual Investment Plan, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno during a tour of the construction works.

“This is a vulnerable area of the city of Managua that constantly requires drainage works because it has very steep slopes, with this project we are installing 330 meters of 36-inch drainage pipe that will allow us to attract the water and take it to a collector, of this way we reduce the water in the streets of this sector, the installation of the drainage is 20 percent complete ”.

Moreno explained that the work has an investment of 8.5 million córdobas and among its scope is the construction of 8 visitor wells, 12 tractors, triples and 2 double trailers, while in the road improvement he will build 5 new blocks with ready-mixed concrete.

“In addition to this, we are going to build 5 new blocks with concrete, with this we hope to ensure the prominence of a little more than 9 thousand people, we estimate for May 30, to have completed the work, this project is part of a portfolio of 85 projects of drainage that the Municipality will build during 2021, of these 6 will be carried out in District 7 ".

Once the project is completed, the new streets will be a new alternate route that will link the neighborhoods: Lomas de Guadalupe, Manuel Fernández and Villa Libertad.

Ángela López has lived in Lomas de Guadalupe for 20 years, she explained that every winter, the families that live on this street were trapped in their houses by the current.

“We are happy, because with this project the anguish and worry when it rained was left behind, for years we suffered, the streets seemed like an overflowing river, the water got into our lands and houses, one could not get out on time from the rain because of the danger that the current would carry you away, that is why we are pleased with Commander Daniel and the Mayor's Office who always remember the families who are most exposed ”.

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