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Managua participates in the First National Exercise for the Protection of Life 2021

This Wednesday, March 10, the first national exercise to protect life 2021 was held. In the city of Managua, neighborhoods and communities were scenarios where the population participated in multi-threat drills.

In the 8 de Marzo neighborhood of District VII of Managua, 3 disaster scenarios were developed, in which the population, in coordination with the rescue institutions, put into practice their acquired knowledge, with the work of rubble, evacuation of wounded, suffocation of house fire and citizen security in the face of looting; 300 people from the community participated in this scenario, who were trained by the disaster prevention system.

Other scenarios where drills were carried out for the evacuation of the population in collapsed houses and care for the population in temporary shelters, in the Recreo Norte and Leonel Rugama neighborhoods of districts III and IV respectively.

In these places, the population also highlighted the importance of these drills, to be prepared and know what to do before disasters, for which they thanked the Good Government, for carrying out these exercises that guarantee the protection of the lives of the most important families. vulnerable.

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