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First Information Council of the year 2021

Complying with the Citizen Power model and with the Municipalities Law, the Managua Council held the First Information Council of the year 2021, where the report of the municipal management corresponding to the year 2020 was presented; the report for the third quarter of the same year was also provided.

The council began with the words of the Mayor of the Capital, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who greeted the women in commemoration of the International Women's Day, highlighting the achievements of Good Government in the incorporation of women in the different areas of society. , promoting equal rights and real equality between women and men, which places us in the fifth country in the world with greater gender equality.

Likewise, the executive report of the municipal management corresponding to the year 2020 was read, in which it was reported that total income amounted to 4,975 million 56 thousand 959 net córdobas.

In this management report, it was announced that, in this period, progress was made in the execution of 332 projects, with an investment of 2,523 million 219 thousand 610 córdobas, in the different components of municipal management.

Among the main projects executed, the construction and delivery of 700 homes of the Villa Jerusalem housing project of the Bismarck Martínez Program stands out, as well as the construction of the citizen service center and progress was made in the construction of the police substation and the plant of sewage treatment; in addition to the start of construction of the Villa Flor de Pino and Villa Esperanza subdivision projects as part of the second stage of this program.

Similarly, various road improvement works were carried out, including 7 blocks of hydraulic concrete in the Hialeah IV stage, 10 paved blocks in the Nejapa region, construction of 9 blocks with asphalt in the Jocote Dulce region, paving of 7 blocks in the Cedro Galán region, construction of vehicular bridges, among other storm drainage and human development projects.

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