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Single mother from the San Judas neighborhood happily receives her new home

A few days after celebrating International Women's Day, Mrs. Mayra Molina, 56, is the new protagonist of the Dignified Housing Program that promotes Good Government through the Municipality and the solidarity of China (Taiwan), which They gave him the keys to his new home in the San Judas neighborhood, in District III of Managua.

The beneficiary expressed her satisfaction at seeing her house completely rebuilt. She is a single mother of two children and for more than six years she lived in a deteriorated house that was vulnerable to the rains, “it made me nervous because the current of water got into my home, but now, thanks first of all to God, the President, his wife and Don Fidel, I am going to have a roof to camp. I never thought I would have my almost like this, ”said the beneficiary.

The housing delivery event was chaired by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras, and Mrs. Alicia Shu, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Taiwan in Nicaragua.

“For us it is a pride, it is a great satisfaction to fulfill our people a mandate from our Government that Commander Daniel directs through this Program, such as Solidarity Housing. Doña Mayra lived in precarious situations but she will have a better life ”, commented the Secretary of the Council, Jennifer Porras.

For her part, the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Taiwan in Nicaragua, Mrs. Alicia Shu, said she was happy to share the joy of the protagonist and her family in supporting them to transform their living conditions, “we are happy to represent our government in these love shows. Both governments are going to maintain close ties of friendship, we are going to continue working together, ”said the diplomat.

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