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Mercado Mayoreo will have its paved streets

In the coming days, the Municipality will asphalt 6 new blocks in the Wholesale market with an investment of 5 million córdobas, prior to this road improvement project, merchants continue to work in an organized manner with the commune, to guarantee security and cleaning measures in this shopping center that caters to the Carretera Norte neighborhoods and wholesale buyers.

The project was announced by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during a tour of the permanent discount festival, “Todo Por Amor, Todo con Amor, en Victorias y Esperanzas”.

"We are fully entering Lent and we continue to articulate efforts with all merchants, to maintain cleanliness in the markets and guarantee all the security measures directed by MINSA, here in the Wholesale we are going to start reloading 6 new blocks with an investment of 5 million córdobas, parallel to that our brothers have also prepared to offer to the families who visit us, all the traditional fruits of the summer, all the ingredients to prepare the Lenten meals ”.

Wholesalers are stocked with all the traditional summer items such as swimwear, inflatable pools, thermos and the basic fruits to make the traditional syrup and Lenten meals.

Fernando Gutiérrez, who has been working in this market for 30 years, selling fruits and vegetables, explained that most of the fruits of this time of year are already in the fleet, which favors a reduction in prices.

“Right now, all that is papaya, jocote and mangoes are already in the fleet, a quart of jocote costs 60 córdobas, to make a syrup for 20 people well spend about 400 córdobas, while everything that is potato, tomato, onion and celery a pound of potatoes cost him 15 córdobas, while tomatoes cost him 20 pesos a pound, "said Gutiérrez.

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