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Municipality begins multiple project in the Colinas neighborhood of the Sandino Memorial

More than a thousand families that live in the Colinas del Memorial Sandino neighborhood will be benefited by the new comprehensive project that the Municipality is executing, which has three components; roads, storm drainage, water and sanitation, with its execution a critical point in the capital is eliminated.

During a tour to evaluate the progress of the works, the Secretary General of the commune, Fidel Moreno, explained that this project and its road component will build a bridge box and will cover a little more than 2 blocks, another component is storm drainage , which will build a storm sewer system and a third water and sanitation component that will build a sanitary sewer system.

“We are developing a comprehensive work, we started a week ago and we expect it to be completed in 90 days, the work has components: storm drainage, sanitary drainage, streets for the town and a bridge box that will enable an access route from the Colinas del Memorial neighborhood to the Suburban Track, this work solves a critical point, because here we have three houses at risk, because the riverbed is constantly being undermined and we will connect a little more than 20 houses to the sanitary drainage system. With this work we benefit a little more than 6 thousand inhabitants ”.

This project returns security to the families surrounding the riverbed that crosses that capital neighborhood and is part of the investment in storm drainage that the Municipality will make this year, through the Annual Investment Plan. Moreno explained that investment in drainage is one of the components of each year's winter plan and that the cleaning plan for the arrival of the rainy season is progressing satisfactorily.

“The Winter Plan has several components, as we have talked about it several times; generally, it is always rare that, in February, we are talking about winter, but hey, for us it is the month where all the preparations for the rainy season begin, the development of works is another of the great components, we have 85 drainage projects of different sizes, in investment this is one of the largest with 8 million córdobas ”, added Moreno.

The protagonist Belén Rodríguez stated that the water is no longer going to get into her house, as before, thanks to this project promoted by the Good Sandinista Government, through the Mayor's Office of Managua.

"Thank God this project came, because we waited 10 years, but thank God, they are already doing it with only the bridge and the connections to the sewage are changing our lives, here every time it rains all the dirt is returned to the bathrooms, that was horrible, ”Rodríguez said.

Among the scope of the project are the installation of 150 meters of pipes, of these, 96 meters will be of the sanitary sewer and 60 meters of storm drainage, plus the construction of 324 linear meters of gabion wall on the slopes to stabilize the channel and the construction of a bridge box that will be 6 meters wide, 11 meters long and 3 meters high.

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