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Capital commune recharges 4 blocks of streets in the Monseñor Lezcano neighborhood

This Tuesday, February 23, families from the populous Monseñor Lezcano neighborhood of District II of Managua, inaugurated with a cultural event the re-inspection of more than 4 blocks of road network, through the 2021 Annual Investment Plan.

The project was delivered by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who announced that this road improvement work had an investment of 1 million 950 thousand córdobas, highlighting that this historic neighborhood has all its streets covered, which improves conditions of life to families in this sector.

“We are sharing with the brothers of District 2, the joy of inaugurating these streets that the Managua Mayor's Office has built, here we are joining the Monseñor Lezcano neighborhood with the Javier Cuadra neighborhood, we are talking that Monsignor Lezcano is one of the oldest in Managua with 16 thousand five hundred inhabitants, with two thousand three hundred houses and that benefits from these four streets, ”reported the mayor of the capital.

Likewise, Armas mentioned that there are a series of important works that the Municipality is going to carry out under the guidance of Commander Daniel throughout District 2, road improvement projects in the San Sebastián, Santa Ana Central and Monseñor Lezcano neighborhoods, water and sanitation projects. in the neighborhoods San José, Juan Emilio Menocal, Santa Ana Central, Batahola Sur, Annex Los Arcos, with an investment of more than 30 million córdobas.

For its part, the population was happy and grateful with its new streets, “we already needed to see these very beautiful streets, because they were already old, thanks to the Mayor's Office and our Commander who is the one who fights for the poor, so that we have well-being ”Said the resident María Brenes.

The reworked streets at the same time function as an access road to the track that connects the Dupla Norte with the Las Brisas track.

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