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Merchants offer discounts on summer season items

The merchants of the 8 municipal markets of Managua announced the festival of discounts on items for the summer season and invited Nicaraguan families to visit these shopping centers, to enjoy the offers and promotions on the different products.

The merchant Jorge Luis González, expressed that the merchants of the different capital markets are fully supplied with the products of the season and said that, "in this summer of 2021, we are promoting and appropriating that model of entrepreneurship, to enhance our economy family and support the population by guaranteeing fair and supportive prices… because we have a government that gives us the opportunity, that allows us to give this attention to the population ”.

Likewise, the merchants Lisbeth Guerrero and Nancy Carolina Cajina invited Nicaraguan families to visit the Oriental market, where they will find thermos from 100 cordobas, swimming pools from 350 cordobas, beach chairs, table umbrellas at 350 cordobas, as well as bathing suits. and jumpsuits that are priced from 195 cordobas.

This announcement was made known by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, during her visit to the Oriental market, as part of the model of government, citizen power and direct democracy that promotes direct communication with the different sectors of the the population, in this case with the merchants, who are provided with support to articulate tasks for the common good, promote economic dynamism, as well as fair and solidarity sales.

Similarly, Porras announced that in this year 2021, the Good Government, through the Streets for the People Program, will invest a little more than 10 million córdobas, to improve the access roads and surroundings of the municipal markets.

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