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New streets for the residents of the Santo Domingo region in District V

Advancing in routes of hope and progress, the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, carried out the asphalt coating in 6 blocks of the Santo Domingo region, as part of the Streets for the People Program.

This improvement project, which had an investment of 2 million 832 thousand córdobas, improves the living conditions of the families of this sector, who were happy with the paving of their streets, eliminating the dust in the summer and the ponds in the winter season, which were sources of diseases that affected all the inhabitants.

The work was inaugurated and handed over to the residents, by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who expressed the commitment of the Good Government to continue improving the living conditions of families, through the Streets for the People Program, which in this year 2021 it will build 830 new blocks in the capital; likewise, he announced that they are already working on the census for the installation of 30 thousand public lighting bulbs throughout the municipality.

For its part, the population was satisfied with the paving of its streets, as expressed by Mr. Mario Siles, “happy because today we inaugurate these streets, historically a street that had never been built, thanks to God, to Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario Murillo, to the Mayor's Office, the town of Santo Domingo we feel happy, now we can walk on this street safely ”. Another who joined in the gratitude was Mrs. Luisa García, who thanked the Sandinista government for this work of restitution of rights that was requested by the community.

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