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Dignified Housing changes the life of doña Juana Esperanza Muñoz

What seemed like an impossible dream for Ms. Juana Esperanza Muñoz, the Good Government, through the Municipality and the support of China (Taiwan), made it come true on February 17, immediately rebuilding her home, since the little house Previously, where it had lived for 50 years, it was in very bad condition and the constant winter rains made it collapse.

The act of celebration for the new home was chaired by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales and Mr. Iván Lu, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan), both gave the keys to the owner in the Adolfo Reyes neighborhood of the District V of Managua.

“We continue in the Mayor's Office of Managua with the support of our Good Government led by Commander Daniel, of course with the support of the Embassy of China (Taiwan), delivering a home today to an elderly colleague who was urgent, urgent truly, not only her, but her family ”, emphasized the mayor of the capital.

The protagonist expressed her satisfaction at seeing her new house, “now my children, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren are going to live happily, without getting wet, thanks to God, to the comrade from Taiwan, to President Commander Daniel, to comrade Rosario and to all their leaders who They have done everything for me, ”said the beneficiary upon receiving her new home.

For his part, Mr. Iván Lu, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Taiwan in Nicaragua reaffirmed the support of his Government with the most vulnerable families of the capital, “we feel very happy and we are excited to see the happy faces of the beneficiaries, This encourages us to participate in this project and continue working for the Nicaraguan people, ”said the representative of the diplomatic mission.

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