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New house for family affected by fire in the Benedicto Valverde neighborhood

After losing her home and household goods in a voracious fire, Ms. Xiomara del Carmen Jarquín was heartbroken and never imagined being a protagonist of the Love Program that promotes Good Government through the Municipality and the solidarity of Taiwan, which They immediately began with the total construction of the new home of this family, which lives in the Benedicto Valverde neighborhood in District IV of Managua.

Doña Xiomara and her family received the keys to their home from the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López and the Ambassador of Taiwan, Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu.

"As the Municipality, we gave an immediate response to the family of Doña Xiomara, thanks to the organization we have in the territories, which allowed us to put into practice all the protocols directed by our Government led by Commander Daniel and companion Rosario," said Porras .

Likewise, the Ambassador of Taiwan, Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, expressed feeling very moved when he saw the tears of joy of Mrs. Xiomara when she received her home, “there is nothing more important than having a safe house. His house burned down and he lost everything, but he did not lose his hope, the Managua Mayor's Office rebuilt a house for him and this house means a victory for restitution of the right to housing ”, said the diplomat.

For her part, the protagonist related that after her itinerant sale in the Oriental market she found herself with misfortune, that her house had caught fire along with other merchandise that she had stored, “I cry with joy and sadness, I lost everything, I only kept the clothes that I was wearing, but my neighbors gave me some changes and I never imagined having this little house now. I thank God that there were no human losses and the Government of Commander Daniel because in three days he had this decent home rebuilt for me, ”said the beneficiary.

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