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100 families from the capital receive new homes from the Bismarck Martínez Program in the month of love and friendship

This Saturday, February 13, on the eve of celebrating Valentine's Day, 100 leading families received the keys to their new home in the Villa Jerusalen urbanization, located on the Sabana Grande land. These families who today celebrate that they will never rent again, are the protagonists of the eighth installment that the “Bismarck Martínez” Program carried out.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, in the middle of an artistic gala, prior to the delivery of the houses, affirmed that Good Government is the main driver, that families have their own houses, and highlighted the commitment of the Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo to continue restoring the right of families to access their own home with affordable fees.

“We are in Villa Jerusalen delivering 100 more homes to 100 families who are starting a new life today, to 100 families who have entrusted, as all of Nicaragua trusts in the Government of Commander Daniel, 100 families that as of today have new roofs and land to expand and make its annexes, "said the mayor of the capital.

Armas stressed that the houses have larger rooms, an anti-seismic design, with a waterproofed roof, bathroom, sink and other elements that give them a house with more comforts.

Tania María Sevilla Rivera, is one of the protagonists who received her home during the ceremony, mentioned that many families today stop renting and start to have a decent home, "today my family and all the families that are here, we thank the Commander Daniel and each and every one of the members of the Mayor's Office who made our dream come true ”, said the beneficiary.

Milton Antonio Álvarez Granados, another of the protagonists, said that with these events the trust of the families continues to grow, “for all of us this weekend, it changes our life forever, we are going to have our own house, as they will not believe in this project that has changed the lives of 800 families and will continue to change lives, because this year more than 1000 houses will be built for people like us who were either renting or posing somewhere ”, said the protagonist.

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