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Municipality assists seniors in the capital with auxiliary means

On Thursday morning, older adults from the seven districts of Managua received with much love and hope auxiliary resources, through the General Directorate of Human Development of the capital city.

The delivery to the protagonists was made house to house by the Secretary of the Municipal Council, partner Jennifer Porras, who explained that these auxiliary means are part of the comprehensive care that is provided to the elderly and is developed by the "Alma Solidaria" Program that has been promoting Good Government since 2009, for the restitution of rights to the elderly.

"This program has been instructed since 2009 by our Good Government that through the municipalities, we can get closer and closer to all those elderly people, who have some type of difficulty or condition, to bring them an auxiliary means like wheelchairs, canes or crutches, ”said partner Jennifer Porras.

Likewise, the Secretary of the Capital Council, reported that the program has been emblematic in the Municipality and that in addition to the delivery of the auxiliary means they are followed up with medical attention and delivery of solidarity packages.

From 2009 to date, the capital commune with the Alma Solidaria Program has provided care to 9,429 people, whose rights have been restored and for this year 2021, its goal is to comprehensively serve 4,000 protagonists.

The protagonist Mayela Mendoza with tears in her eyes, expressed feeling astonished when she received her wheelchair, “I am greatly grateful for making this wish come true, since I needed it to be able to move around my house, I did not have the resources to buy an auxiliary means, but with the help of God and our Good Government, it is now possible ”.

Also, Mrs. Graciela Mendoza Quintanilla, who cannot walk due to an illness, said she was very happy because, thanks to God and President Daniel, she already has her aid and her solidarity package.

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