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Supervision of the water and sanitation project in the La Primavera neighborhood

This Wednesday, February 10, capital authorities supervised the development of the water and sanitation work in the annex of the La Primavera neighborhood, a work being carried out in this community to complete the 100% of the household connections and as part of the progress in the execution of projects that guarantee well-being and better living conditions for families in the capital.

The supervision of the project was headed by colleague Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Municipality, who announced that this work consists of the installation of a little more than 200 linear meters of water and sanitation pipes, to ensure this service to a segment of this neighborhood that still did not have it; work for the common good, which includes an investment that will exceed 800 thousand córdobas, with some additional works incorporated that morning, directly benefiting 5,400 inhabitants of this community in District VI.

He also expressed that this work is part of the 12 water and sanitation projects that will be carried out this year in different neighborhoods of the Capital city, through the 2021 Annual Investment Plan.

He also highlighted that in the last 14 years the Commune has been systematically executing 12 projects in this capital neighborhood, among them 6 stages of lining the La Primavera riverbed, road lining works, storm drainage, sports infrastructure, as well as, in water and sanitation, with an investment that exceeds 140 million córdobas in total.

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