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First promotion of courses for new ventures

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the General Directorate of Human Development and the Directorate of Women and the Family, comprehensively trained 145 young people and adolescents from the different districts of the capital, who participated in economic entrepreneurship courses.

"The trainings were planned and organized to train young people and adolescents, so that they are capable of undertaking their own initiatives that guarantee an economic income and financial self-sustainability," commented the Vice Mayor of Managua, colleague Enrique Armas Rosales.

Likewise, the capital mayor highlighted that the Municipality worked hand in hand with the National Police, MINSA, MIFAN, MINIM, MINED, INATEC, MINJUVE, MEFCCA, IND, District and territorial Political Structure; as well as religious organizations and community leaders in coordination with different government institutions.

For her part, the protagonist Luisa Miranda, who this Wednesday received her certificate, commented that she was very happy to have participated, “we are very happy with these trainings that they have given us, thanks to our Good Government led by Commander Daniel, who without him would not It would be possible, now I can start my own business ”.

In this first promotion, they were trained for 3 months in courses for the elaboration of piñatas, foamy crafts and decoration of events, which are the beginning for the development of a new venture and other economic income.

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