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Great show to "Managua, Linda Managua"

In celebration of the 169th anniversary of Managua being elevated to the Capital of the Republic, the Good Government and the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power performed a concert performed by the Camerata Bach and the presentation of the folkloric ballets Tepenahuatl and Macehualt.

Comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, expressed the commitment of the Good Government to promote art in the population and proof of it, was this concert that performed songs from Managua always, which detail the life and traditions of our Capital city .

He also expressed that this show is deserved on the anniversary of the Capital, “because we have to celebrate it, this Managua that has changed so much, this Managua that has grown so much, this Managua that has been so beautified, with thousands of new blocks, with highways , with sidewalks, with decent housing, with parks, courts and sports facilities, with a coastal area that is a source of pride ", said the mayor of the capital.

For his part, comrade Ramón Rodríguez, Director of the Rubén Darío National Theater, commented that this series of concerts began on December 6 with a serenade to La Purísima, then the Christmas and New Year's concerts, now restarting with this type of concert which are the same as those presented at the Rubén Darío National Theater, that is, they have converted the theater for the people.

For its part, the population enjoyed this artistic presentation to Managua, as expressed by Mr. Pedro Enrique Pérez, who said that this is a very beautiful concert for the people of the capital and it is very emotional to celebrate the anniversary of Managua in these years that the The city has changed a lot for the good of all Nicaraguans.

In the same way, Mrs. María Adelina Zapata said she was very happy with this celebration offered in the Plaza de la Revolución, which is now part of the historic, cultural and tourist center of Managua, where now families can enjoy and recreate healthily .

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