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Discounts in the month of love and friendship in the Israel Lewites market

Full of joy, the merchants of the populous Israel Lewites market welcomed the month of love and friendship, for which they announced permanent discounts and promotions on all products and invited families to visit them on these special dates.

This announcement was made known by the General Manager of this busy market Israel Lewites, colleague Humberto Cornejo in the tour that takes place every week, as part of direct communication with the merchants.

"This week we finished the school fair, which was very successful in this capital market, now we are starting the discount and promotions of love and friendship products so that they can visit us in this shopping center," said Manager Cornejo .

He also highlighted that a fair is being organized in conjunction with the merchants in the southern sector of the market for families to take advantage of and acquire their gifts at low prices ”.

He also reiterated that this shopping center is guaranteeing cleanliness, security, supply stability and prevention methods directed by the Ministry of Health, so that buyers feel safe when purchasing their products.

"We are offering everything you need for the month of love and friendship with excellent promotions and discounts," said merchant Ligia Canales.

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