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Barrio René Cisneros achieves 100 percent of its streets lined with "Streets for the People"

This weekend the families of the René Cisneros neighborhood will be able to celebrate that their streets are fully covered, thanks to the “Streets for the People 2021” Program, which began this Thursday the asphalt of the last 2 blocks that were on the ground. The road improvement project has an investment of close to one million cordobas and benefits more than 8 thousand protagonists.

Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune, explained that with this work the program achieves 12 percent progress.

“We are paving 2 blocks, with these all the streets of René Cisneros are lined, this is achieved prior to the 40th anniversary of the founding of the neighborhood, with this project the Program of Streets for the People achieves a scope of 12 percent progress, of the proposed goal (830 blocks), with 95 blocks served, we continue to visit the neighborhoods talking with the cabinets, with the residents to listen to their demands, ”explained Moreno.

Santos Rizo, founding inhabitant of the neighborhood, on behalf of the community thanked the government for the construction of its streets.

“We can give testimony of the work that the Mayor's Office and the Government of Commander Daniel do, we are witnesses of the work of all these years so that our dreams are a reality, the puddles, the quagmire and the dust in summer are over forever, never again The current will enter us when it rains at our houses, thanks to these streets taxis, caponiers and ambulances will be able to enter here at the time of an emergency, ”said Rizo.

The municipal government has been building the neighborhood's road infrastructure since 2015 and to date has invested a little more than 12 million córdobas in the community, in seven projects that developed road improvement works in the modalities of asphalt and hydraulic concrete, recovery of public spaces for family recreation with the construction of a multipurpose court.

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