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Behind the dirt streets in the Santa Elena region

A dream come true is for the inhabitants of the Santa Elena region its asphalt streets, built through the "Streets for the People" Program that began with the asphalt of the 3 main access roads that the community has, road improvement work that benefits more than 8 thousand protagonists and has an investment of 7 million córdobas.

The General Secretary of the Commune, Fidel Moreno, during the visit to the project to evaluate its progress, reported that the Streets for the People Program began in February with 93 blocks served, which represents 11.5 percent of the proposed goal. which are 830 blocks.

“We are in Santa Elena, north of Managua, from the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation led by the Commander President and Compañera Rosario, in the last 10 years we have been making systematic investments in this area, in education, health, in electrical infrastructure, But we are missing a running folder, this year we have a Streets for the People project, the families have been demanding this project, we are going to asphalt the 3 main roads and a cross street, there are 10 blocks that benefit 8 thousand inhabitants ”.

Darling Pérez has lived in Santa Elena for 10 years and as a resident of the neighborhood, he expressed that with this project the quagmire and the mudflats are over.

“We are happy with these new streets, for those of us who live here they are a dream come true, every time it rained the streets fell apart due to the force of the water, there were some stickies, the taxis did not want to enter and now here we have caponiers and With these new streets the caponiers will pass more often, they will no longer hit each other or they will no longer tell you; Look, I don't go in there, that's something that is priceless, the tranquility of walking on good streets, ”Pérez added.

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