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Merchants in the Managua markets maintain permanent discounts on products

The merchants of the Jonathan González market known as “El Periférico” announced permanent discounts and promotions on all the products of the 2021 school year and the basic basket, for which they invited families to visit them and make their purchases in a safe environment .

“We are following up on the discount festivals that we always have in the 8 markets of the capital, we are in this capital's shopping center and we want to announce to families that the discount on school supplies is maintained, also in the barber service and the basic basket ”, commented the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras, in the visit made this weekend, to this shopping center.

Likewise, Porras added that in this market, merchants guarantee cleanliness, safety, the supply of products and implement all the prevention measures that the Ministry of Health guides.

For her part, the merchant Mariana Tercero invited the families of the capital to visit and take advantage of the low prices and promotions offered in the Peripheral from Monday to Sunday, "we have excellent products at prices that are within reach of the capital's pocket. The discounts are on all the products of the basic basket, school and seasonal items, take advantage ”, said the merchant.

The Secretary of the Council stressed that among the investment plans of the Municipality for this capital market, it is contemplated to carry out the third stage of waterproofing the roof, to avoid leaks in the rainy season and families can make their purchases with peace of mind.

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