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Protagonists welcome their new decent homes

Two families from the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde Region received their new safe and dignified homes this Wednesday, January 27, built by the Love and Solidarity Program promoted by Good Government in the capital. Doña Maritza Martínez Rodríguez and Abraham Oconor lost their homes, due to the strong winds and the constant rains generated by the passage of Hurricane Iota, which caused the fall of trees on their humble houses.

These dignified homes were delivered by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado and Mr. Iván Lo, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan) in Nicaragua, who, in a family and community atmosphere, handed over the keys to the new houses to the families, who were happy with the solidarity of both governments.

Mayor Reyna Rueda explained that these two affected homes were identified as part of the Citizen Power model, promoted by the Sandinista government, in which there is direct and articulate communication with the community, to guarantee the well-being of the families.

The protagonists said they felt satisfied with the immediate and timely attention that the Good Government gave them from the first moment, as stated by Abraham Oconor, who thanked the Sandinista government for the good organization in the neighborhoods, which is always attentive to the needs of the community and gave them an answer instantly, “because at the time of the tragedy I looked at myself only next to my newly born wife and my 2 children, and without having anyone to ask for help, but in less than an hour the teams appeared from the Sandinista front of the community to provide me with accompaniment and the next day they sent us the materials for the construction of the 2 decent houses ”.

In the same way, Mrs. Maritza Martínez Rodríguez expressed her gratitude for the immediate and quality attention they gave her and said she felt satisfied in her new home, where she will live more calmly and without fear of getting wet with heavy rains or strong winds in summer.

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