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The capital commune begins comprehensive cleaning of the capital's drainage system

The Municipality began cleaning the city's major drainage system, made up of lined channels, micro-dams, gutters and manholes from which sediment and garbage will be removed, prior to the rainy season.

The comprehensive care program began in the La Iguana section, in the La Fuente neighborhood, District V, which is part of the so-called Conchita Palacios riverbed.

The Secretary General of the commune, Fidel Moreno explained that to avoid floods, the Managua drainage system will be maintained and cleaned in a period of approximately 4 months.

"We have started cleaning the drainage, as every year for these dates we fully attend to the drainage system, to be ready when the rainy season arrives, this cleaning will be carried out in about 4 months, we started in January to conclude it in the the first days of May, ”said comrade Fidel Moreno.

This cleaning prevents the hydraulic capacity of the channels from decreasing due to the obstruction caused by sediment and garbage.

“By removing the sediment and garbage, we avoid the formation of hydraulic plugs, which obstruct the pipes and cause flooding, this year we plan to remove 85 thousand cubic meters of sediment from the micro dams and 6,500 tons of garbage from the riverbeds, with this day we are going to serve a little more than 80 kilometers of lined riverbeds, 120 kilometers of gutters, 60 kilometers of uncoated riverbeds and 13 thousand wells of views or manjoles ”, explained Moreno.

He added that this year the Municipality, through the Annual Investment Plan, will invest 534.8 million córdobas in new drainage works and 48.4 million córdobas in the maintenance and cleaning of the major drainage system made up of 21 micro-dams, 80 kilometers of lined channels and 120 kilometers of gutters and 13 thousand manholes, in addition to this, the capital has 60 kilometers of unlined channel that will also be served in a targeted manner.

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