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Managua Council approves extension of the deadline for the withdrawal of vehicles in the Municipal Deposit

This Monday, January 25, the Honorable Council of Managua during the ordinary session number 36 approved to extend the period for the withdrawal of vehicles, which are in the Vehicle Deposit of the capital city, the new extension will have a period of 59 days, this It will begin on February 1 and will end on March 31 of the current year with municipal resolution 10-2021.

“At the request of our brothers and sisters who still have vehicles in the warehouse, the delivery period was extended so that they can withdraw them, this new extension runs from February 1 to March 31, as public servants we continue looking for the best way to resolve the demands of the capital families ”, as explained by the Mayor of Managua Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

In this same municipal session, the Council approved the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) to carry out free titling in different neighborhoods of the capital, making the owners of land that still do not have property title protagonists.

"Today in this ordinary session number 36, it was approved that the PGR begin the process of free titling that will benefit different neighborhoods of the capital, so that families who still do not have a title can have legal security, that this land in the that they have lived for years is theirs and no one will be able to take them out, ”said the Mayor.

This titling will benefit a remnant of families that are not yet legal owners of their lots in the neighborhoods of May 18, December 31, Concepción de María Annex, Las Américas Annex 1, La Primavera Annex, Walter Ferreti Annex, William Díaz Annex, Arges Sequeira, Carlos Marx, Heroes and Martyrs of Batahola, Hills of the Sandino Memorial, Israel Galeano, among others.  

Similarly, in this session, which is the first to be held in the year, 4 permanent municipal committees and 3 special ones were formed, these being: the permanent Finance, Budget and Infrastructure committee, the Permanent Governance Commission, and the Permanent Commission. of Social Affairs, the Permanent Commission of Public Services; as well as the Special Commission for Settlements, the Special Anti-Corruption Commission and the Special Commission for Attention to Persons with Disabilities.

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