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Merchants from the 8 markets of Managua announce offers and discounts on all school supplies

With a fair and much joy, the merchants of the populous Roberto Huembes market welcomed the festival of discounts for the 2021 school season, this Friday, January 22, for which they invited families to visit these capital shopping centers , where they can buy good products and at the best prices.

This announcement was made known by the Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, in the regular visit that is made to the capital markets, as part of the direct communication with the merchants that the Good Government model promotes.

Comrade Rueda, mentioned that the eight markets in Managua offer the best discounts for families, "This discount fair is in each of our capital markets, so that families come to buy their products of the season as the year school and the basic basket. We are fully supplied ”.

Also, wholesale market merchants announced this weekend offers and discounts up to 25% on all back-to-school items.

For his part, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales in his tour of the Wholesale Market, said that, "The sales rhythm is excellent and we are already a few days before the start of the school year, and here there are magnificent promotions, you have been able to verify that shirts, pants, shoes and backpacks are at very favorable prices ”.

The merchants invited the parents to make purchases of the uniforms and school supplies in the markets of Managua, where they will offer them many offers and special treatment.

This was expressed by the merchant Ramón Montenegro, from the Wholesale market who said that there are many discounts on national footwear and school uniforms, “We are inviting customers and neighboring neighborhoods to the market, we have good promotions and there are discounts in all products of the school season ”.

For her part, the merchant María Callejas, indicated that in the markets they find the lowest prices and stated that they have backpacks at 350 cordobas, shoes for girls from 150 cordobas and for boys at 280 cordobas, they also find blouses and diving pants at 100 cordobas .

Municipal authorities reported that they have been holding the festival of discounts and promotions for three consecutive years in all Managua markets and have the support of the National Police for the safety of all Nicaraguan families.

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