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Municipality begins work on the 2021 Winter Plan in the La Primavera riverbed

The Mayor's Office of Managua launched the Winter 2021 Plan, on the morning of this Wednesday, January 20, in the La Primavera neighborhood of the VI district, with the beginning of the seventh stage of lining the La Primavera riverbed, improving the pluvial drainage of the area.

The Secretary General of the commune Fidel Moreno explained that the seventh stage of stabilization of the channel consists of covering 150 linear meters with concrete and has an investment of 10 million cordobas.

The cladding works that are carried out at a point where the La Primavera, 31 Aniversario and Villa Vallarta neighborhoods converge, eliminate a critical point in the capital and also transform the lives of 1,500 families living around the riverbed, which were in a situation of vulnerability.

“Here we had one of the most vulnerable critical points in Managua, here we have made 6 stages of channel lining a little more than 700 meters, it is a large channel we are talking about 18 meters of hydraulic section with 6 meters wide by 3 meters high , these 700 meters covered allowed us to eliminate a critical point that affected 1,500 families around that riverbed ”, explained Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune.

He explained that once the seventh stage is finished, it will be necessary to cover another 750 meters to be able to complete the 2 kilometers that the channel is long. This is a work that, due to the scope, has to be carried out in stages and it takes 5 years to fully cover it.

This is the ninth project to stabilize the riverbed, which includes the construction of two vehicular bridges. In addition to the cladding that joins the Villa Vallarta neighborhoods with the La Primavera annex and the 31st anniversary.

Similarly, he explained that the work will be ready at the end of April before the arrival of winter, "with this work we are starting the Winter Plan and we have to prepare the conditions so that we do not have serious consequences during the rainy season."

He also explained that the Winter Plan is made up of three essential components. The first component is the development of infrastructure works that improve conditions and expand drainage capacities. The second component is the cleaning of the entire drainage system of the city, the micro dams, gullies and lined channels so that the drainage capacity is not reduced andThe third component is community organization, having active contingency plans, updating evacuation points and determining which families are at risk.

“This year we will execute 85 rain drainage works in Managua, with an investment that will exceed 585 million cordobas, this will allow us to have better integral conditions in the neighborhoods for families. We are going to continue developing sanitation works and this year we are going to complete the sanitation that will benefit 600 families totaling some 10,000 people, ”said the Secretary.

Since 2009, the capital city commune has been covering the streets of the La Primavera neighborhood, investing 25 million córdobas in 32 totally new blocks and in the last 12 years 25 works have been carried out in both road improvement and storm drainage.

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