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10 thousand protagonists of the Laureles Norte neighborhood will enjoy Streets for the People

Calles para el Pueblo 2021 has an advance of 5 percent, with 46 blocks served in the first two weeks of the year, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during an evaluation of progress in the preliminary works carried out on the streets from the Laureles Norte neighborhood in District VII, where the program will benefit 10,000 protagonists in the area.

Moreno explained that the importance of this road improvement project is that it forms an alternate route that connects two major tracks such as: La Pista de Sabana Grande and Pista del Mayoreo, in addition to directly benefiting 10,800 protagonists, with an investment of 1 million 950 thousand córdobas and 3 blocks will be covered with asphalt.

This year the Municipality's initial goal is to serve 830 blocks with the Streets for the People Program, investing in the capital's road infrastructure an investment of 287 million córdobas.

The Mayor of Managua continues this year executing the Streets for the People Program and in the Laureles Norte neighborhood of District VII of the capital, new projects will be developed for the well-being of the families that live in the 98 blocks that comprise it.

“This is a new road articulation, which allows us to join two of the main tracks crossing the neighborhood and improve the connectivity of this sector, currently working on three blocks of land at the bases, in order to make the connection that will come to benefit and improve access to more than 10,000 protagonists ”, stated the Secretary General of the commune.

Osmán Sánchez, is one of the founders of the neighborhood and said that this project is going to change everyone's life, because every time winter came they were cut off.

"With these streets, thank God our problems are over, it will practically help us to say goodbye to the quagmire forever, these streets were impassable, the caponiers did not pass, except the taxis and at the time of an emergency ambulances were impossible to they will enter, with these streets the lives of all the families will change, thanks to our Good Government ”, expressed the resident Sánchez.

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