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Nicaraguan capital, inaugural venue of the First League of First Division Women's Volleyball

In an atmosphere of joy, camaraderie and festivity, the opening of the first women's volleyball league in the first division was held, a tournament organized by the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power and the Nicaraguan Volleyball Federation.

The sports league was inaugurated by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who expressed the commitment of the Good Government in promoting sports in its different disciplines, something that has been manifested in investments in sports infrastructure, as well as the creation of academies sports and the promotion of tournaments in the different disciplines.

The tournament will take place for 3 months, in 7 departments of the country, with the participation of 8 teams, representing the capital, 2 teams will participate: Las Leonas from the Mayor's Office of Managua, who will play their matches at the Sports Center Spain and Las Panteras de Managua, which will host the Volleyball Gymnasium of the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports.

Likewise, the Frente Sur team will participate representing the department of Rivas and its sports venue will be the Humberto Méndez gym in this city; the sports arena of Las Indígenas de Matagalpa will be the El Brigadista Sports Center; The Cafeteras de Carazo will have as their premises the Sports Center of the municipality of El Rosario; Real Estelí will also participate in volleyball to represent the Diamond of Las Segovias and the Granada team that will host the Multipurpose Gymnasium.

Engineer Bertha Cuadra, President of the Nicaraguan Volleyball Federation, said that it is a pleasure for this institution to start the year with a tournament of this level, because these events help the sports and professional growth of these athletes, in the same way, she thanked the support from the Sandinista Government in promoting this sport and added that Commander Daniel has always supported them when requested and when they have needed to hold international tournaments in the country, they have received the requested support. 

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