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One more project for the inhabitants of Ciudad Jardín del Distrito IV

The Streets for the People 2021 Program began the reworking of the main street of Ciudad Jardín, this project will directly benefit 1,900 families living in the sector. With this work, 10 blocks will be covered with asphalt, improving transportation conditions for 9 thousand vehicles that travel on this road, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during the supervision of the road improvement project.

Moreno reported that the project has an investment of 2 million 844 thousand córdobas and that the Streets for the People Program in the modality of reopening will serve 342 blocks this year, with 25 projects.

"We are in Ciudad de Jardín near the Oriental market, starting another Calles para el Pueblo project, in the modality of re-pegging, there are 10 blocks that we are going to re-peck."

The rework is the reconstruction of the asphalt layer of the streets that have already been made and have not been maintained, “With this modality we will make 342 blocks this year 2021, it consists of rebuilding old streets that were in asphalt and that are totally destroyed in neighborhoods or main streets that have not yet been destroyed, ”explained Moreno.

He also highlighted that Ciudad Jardín is one of the vehicle rings in the Eastern market, with the most traffic by at least 9 thousand vehicles every day in constant circulation, which is why cracks are beginning to be seen in the asphalt. This sector was reworked 8 years ago, this being the useful life of a work of this nature.

With this third project completed, the program reaches 2.6 percent progress (22 blocks served) of the goal proposed for this year, which is 830 blocks.

Manuel Orozco, resident of Ciudad Jardín and protagonist of the project, stated that this project was achieved thanks to the work organized between the Mayor's Office and the community.

"This is organized work, both by the population and the Mayor of Managua, So that, if there is damage to the streets, they do not continue to deteriorate, with these projects the people are fulfilled, the quality of life of the entire population improves, of the people who leave, of the old people, of those who go to work to the market".

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