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Presentation of the teams that will participate in the first First Division volleyball league

On Thursday afternoon, the official presentation of the eight teams that will participate in the First Division Volleyball League was given, which will start this coming Saturday, January 16 in different parts of the country, as part of the healthy recreation promoted by Good Government led by Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, said that this is one of the best sports news, starting the year with the First Division Volleyball Championship, which takes off this weekend and will last for three months.

The teams that will be present in this volleyball tournament are: the MGA Volleyball Leonas from the Mayor's Office of Managua, who will play their home games at the Polideportivo España, also will be making their presentation Las Panteras de Managua, which will be hosted by the Gymnasium of Volleyball, located at the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports.

The ALMA Leonas captain, Loleth Rodríguez said she felt ready and prepared for the championship, “we are already waiting for the referee's whistle to play our best game. We mix young players with experience who will undoubtedly help us in this tournament ”.

In addition, in this edition will be the southern representation, the South Rivas Volleyball Front will make its official debut in this tournament that will be hosted by the Humberto Méndez Gymnasium in the city of Mangos. As is customary in sports and could not be left behind, in this championship will be Las Indígenas de Matagalpa who established the El Brigadista Sports Center as their main stage.

Also, in this edition will be Las Cafeteras de Carazo, who will play at the El Rosario Sports Center. Another team that is present in this tournament is the Chontales team that will play their home games at the Juigalpa Municipal Gymnasium.

Also, in this tournament there will be the participation of the Tren del Norte Real Estelí, which will play as a local in the Diamante de las Segovias and the Granada team that will play its matches at the Multipurpose Gymnasium.

It should be noted that it was established that, on the first date of the League agreed for January 16, it will be played completely in Managua at the IND Gym from 2:00 in the afternoon.

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