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New streets bring prosperity to families of Colinas del Memorial Sandino

Advancing, along paths of progress and well-being, in victorious hopes under a sun that does not decline, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua continues to change our capital city; This Tuesday, January 12, the construction of 4 new paved streets was inaugurated and handed over to the families of the Colinas del Memorial Sandino neighborhood, which improve the quality of life of the families of this community.

This work for the common good was inaugurated and delivered to the population by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, who stated, “This is one of the areas of Managua that has progressed the most, the Sandino Memorial Hills and Hialeah, They were areas of very difficult access, but now they have better road infrastructure, for the well-being of all ”.

 Likewise, he announced that this work had an investment of 1 million 980 thousand córdobas, which directly benefits 4 thousand inhabitants of the area, who will now live in better conditions, without fear of the outbreaks of diseases generated by the dust in the summer and the ponds in the winter; in the same way, he pointed out that in this community the Good Government has developed works for the Common Good in recent years, among which are road improvement works and the construction of 56 decent homes, benefiting the same number of families.

Armas, stressed that in this year 2021, the Annual Investment Plan plans to carry out 8 projects of road infrastructure and storm drainage in District I, with an investment of 26 million cordobas, benefiting the neighborhoods; Colinas del Memorial, Oscar Turcios, and Hialeah III stage, as well as the San Isidro de la Cruz Verde and El Progreso regions, directly benefiting more than 32,339 inhabitants; In addition, 5 other road improvement projects, executed through the Streets for the People 2021 program, which will improve the conditions of the neighborhoods; Rene Cisneros and Jorge Dimitrov, as well as the Jocote Dulce, Cruz del Paraíso and San Isidro de la Cruz Verde regions, with an investment of 15 million 238 thousand cordobas.

The residents of this community expressed their satisfaction with this project of restitution of rights, as expressed by Mrs. Ruth Morales Navarrete, “We are progressing more every day, thanks to our Commander Daniel and our partner Rosario Murillo and we can say that we are going for more victories , because every day more works of progress are inaugurated for our country ”.

Similarly, Ms. Ileana Zamora Chavarría referred, who described the work of the Managua Mayor's Office as excellent and indicated that she feels “happy, because we have a school in front of us and this work helps us a lot so that the children enter their classrooms clean. classes, not like before, who entered pure mud due to the poor state of the streets ”.

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