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1,500 families from the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood benefited from the "Streets for the People" Program

As of this January 12, 1,500 families from the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood in District I are the first to benefit from the "Streets for the People 2021" Program, with the lining of 9 new blocks with asphalt.

The road improvement project has an investment of 4 million córdobas and represents 1.2 percent of the progress of the program, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during the supervision of the work.

“Here at Jorge Dimitrov, we would be building a little more than eight blocks, with an investment of 4 million córdobas; at this moment we are already placing the final folder in these first two blocks. Here the bases and sub-base of the project have already been completed, in order to complete it and today these first two blocks will be finished, of the eight that we are going to do ”.

Moreno explained that, in the next two weeks, this work would have been completed, in the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, this is the second neighborhood to benefit from the 2021 program, of the 102 projects that will be carried out this year, guaranteeing the prominence of a little more than 400 thousand managuas, who live in the surroundings of these Streets Projects for the People.

The Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods of the capital, where the Municipality has carried out more works, with six Street Projects for the People, in recent years, with an investment that exceeds 40 million cordobas.

“Likewise, in this neighborhood we have renovated the park; We have built 71 solidarity houses, in recent years, for families who are in extreme poverty, who were in conditions of extreme vulnerability, and through the restitution of decent housing, today they are a reality, ”Moreno reported.

The Commune official announced that, with the 2021 Streets for the People Program, they plan to make 830 total blocks, in the modalities of asphalt and hydraulic concrete, with an investment of 287 million 786 thousand 161 córdobas.

He mentioned that all the districts of Managua have projects of the Streets for the People Program, in different modalities, according to the conditions.

Likewise, he stated that the Streets for the People have an enormous advantage, “in the summer it prevents dust from causing respiratory diseases, and also, of all the consequences that this has; In winter, ponds, mud flats, soil erosion causes diarrheal diseases and at the same time makes access impossible, because the streets deteriorate rapidly, so you do not have access to emergency services, police services, collection service of garbage; selective transport is reduced, that is to say, the improvement of a community that has its streets covered, is substantial and that is what we are betting on, a town that deserves to live in the best conditions ”.

Don Armando José Estrada, resident of the Jorge Dimitrov neighborhood, was grateful for the Streets for the People Program, which reached his community.

“Before it was horrible, when one went to the sale or came back, those mud flats and sometimes in the winter, the quagmire; So, now with this street already paved, as they are leaving it, it is looking very beautiful ”, he valued.

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