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First Sports Meeting "Champions of the Future Alexis Argüello In Memoriam"

As part of the promotion of sport in its different disciplines, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua held the First Sports Meeting "Champions of the Future Alexis Argüello In Memoriam", on the afternoon of this Saturday, January 9, at Paseo Xolotlán.

The 28 academies that the Managua Mayor's Office directs and organizes participated in this sports meeting, with the aim of sharing the achievements in the promotion of sport during 2020 and the goals and projects proposed for this 2021.

“All the academies have students in the mini, children's and youth categories, in organized boxing there are 3, in baseball 6, table tennis 7, basketball 2, taekwondo 2, soccer 4, beach volleyball 1, indoor volleyball 1 and chess 1 ”Said the Vice Mayor of the commune, comrade Enrique Armas Rosales.

The work of the Sports Directorate of the Capital Commune in recent years has managed to attract 1 thousand 920 children and young people who are being trained for the future. In the 6 baseball academies there are approximately 900 children, in boxing 150, swimming 140, soccer 400, table tennis 20, basketball 160 and 250 more that are from the academies of taekwondo, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball.

"These academies become a seedbed for the athletes of tomorrow, who will carry the name of Nicaragua beyond our borders, in this 2021 we have many goals to meet," said the Director of Sports, Compañero Noel González.

Among the special guests was the current 108-pound champion of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Félix “El Gemelo” Alvarado, who said he was happy to have participated in this sporting event in memory of the best Nicaraguan boxer, Alexis Argüello.

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