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Discounts and promotions on school supplies arrive in the markets of Managua

With great joy the merchants of the Israel Lewites market welcomed the discount festival for the school season this Saturday, January 9, so they invited families to visit them in this capital shopping center.

“There will be very good discounts this week in the different capital markets. The managuas are very orderly and already, from this weekend they begin to make their purchases on the occasion of the start of the classes, which will begin on February 1 ”, said Deputy Mayor Armas.

He stressed that families will be able to find very good promotions, notebooks at 8 córdobas per unit “they are a real bargain, with 80 córdobas you already buy the 10 notebooks that the boys will use for classes. There are also more sophisticated notebooks at very good prices ”, stressed the mayor of the capital.

Merchant Jonathan Rojas specified that the erasers and cutters have prices of 10 and 15 cordobas per unit, the normal sewn notebooks of 200 sheets have a cost of 23 cordobas per dozen and the unit costs 25 cordobas. Parents can find the Loro, Líder, Scribe university notebook at prices between 20 and 30 cordobas per dozen and the Smarty notebook with 5 subjects costs 100 cordobas, the Latino 60 and the Scribe 120 cordobas.

Rosa Bellorín offers Asatex shirts at 90 cordobas and pants at prices of 180, 200 and 220, depending on age.

For his part, the merchant Kevin López reported that the backpacks are also offered with discounts, from 320 cordobas the most favorable, the price depends on the size and the brand, Las Deltas large size has a value of 400 cordobas and the small one at 380 cordobas Also the Totto brand which has a price of 550 cordobas.

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