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Comuna Capitalina presents the new bearing stickers for 2021

The Rolling Sticker for the year 2021 is already available to the citizens of the capital, in the thirteen categories of vehicles that circulate in Managua, informed the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales.

As required by Law 856 that regulates the Vehicle Traffic Regime, taxpayers must acquire the Rolling Sticker in the first quarter of each year, from January to March 31.

The Vice Mayor Armas, communicated that taxpayers can acquire their Rolling Sticker in the boxes of the three Citizen Attention Centers, located in Plaza Cuba, in the Dennis Martínez National Baseball Stadium and on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez, also in the facilities of the 7 Districts of the capital, in SERVIGOB and National Transit, from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon.

He explained that in order to pay for the Rolling Sticker, vehicle owners must present a photocopy of their identity card and a photocopy of the vehicle's circulation.

"Retired colleagues may have the right to their Rolling Sticker completely free, they present their retirement card and the circulation of their vehicle in their name and for private use exclusively," said the mayor of the capital.

Similarly, Armas announced the prices of the Bearing Stickers in the 13 categories:

Motorcycles will pay 50 córdobas.

Light vehicles, private and state cars, trucks and jeeps will pay 100 córdobas.

Taxis and vans for commercial use will pay 125 córdobas.

Commercial use minibuses 150 cordobas.

Trailers with more than two axles will pay 250 córdobas.

Buses for commercial use will pay 300 córdobas.

Trucks of up to 7 tons will pay 400 córdobas.

Forklifts will pay 500 cordobas.

Trucks of 7 to 12 tons will pay 600 córdobas.

Agricultural equipment tractors will pay 750 córdobas.

Heads will pay 600 córdobas.

Heavy construction equipment and compactors will pay 800 córdobas.

At the same time, the municipal official reminded the managuas that with the payment of taxes and the purchase of the Rolling Sticker, new streets are improved and built and projects are carried out for the benefit of Nicaraguan families, “we had important figures in that sense. in 2020 and we are going to continue making streets in the capital city, ”said Deputy Mayor Armas.

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