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Municipality pays tribute to Roberto Clemente in the 48 years of his passage to immortality

This Thursday, December 31, Nicaragua remembers with much love and affection the legendary Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Enrique Clemente Walker, one of the most beloved athletes in Latin America, both for his outstanding performance in baseball, and for his service and solidarity to the human being , who gave his life 48 years ago in a plane crash, in an attempt to bring humanitarian aid for the victims of the 1972 Managua earthquake.

The commemorative act was organized by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, the Sandinista Youth 19 de Julio and authorities of the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports (IND), in the monument erected to the memory and legacy of Clemente, where floral offerings were offered.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales highlighted the attendance of hundreds of baseball players, athletes from different sports academies and special guests such as Puerto Rican manager Joel Fuentes, mentor of Gigantes de Rivas of the Nicaraguan Professional Baseball League.

Likewise, the attendance of outstanding figures of the sport of Pinolero, such as the member of the Nicaraguan Sports Hall of Fame and General Commissioner of the National Police Julio Sánchez, former Manager of the Major National Baseball Team, as well as stellar players from the Boer team, who gave medals and trophies to the champion teams of children's baseball and the most outstanding players.

“We are going to continue promoting sports, we are going to continue holding tournaments, we are going to continue holding events to continue making champion teams, because now that we have support from the Sandinista Government, the government of Commander Daniel, the government of Comrade Rosario to sports in all its levels, in all its categories, in all its disciplines, with the support of Commander Daniel we will continue to win medals, we will continue to win championships, we will continue to achieve victories, we will continue to participate in major tournaments ”, highlighted Armas.

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