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Successful sales at the Discounts Fair of the capital markets

The end of the year parties and the permanent discount fair in the capital markets increased sales successfully, as was announced by the Roberto Huembes market traders during the tour carried out by the municipal authorities, this December 30.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales visited this shopping center and confirmed the supply of products, promotions, offers and the flow of buyers.

"Sales have been very good with a rate of more than 25 thousand daily visitors in these days of December, we are talking about an impressive rate of sales, when we talk about 4 thousand sections, and when we talk about more than 6 thousand merchants among fixed and temporary, we are talking about an impressive movement of money and resources. Thanks to God for the efforts of our Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario Murillo, and the merchants, we have achieved sales records, ”said Deputy Mayor Armas.

The Manager of the Municipal Corporation of Managua Markets (COMMEMA), Compañero Hanz Palacios, assured that sales have increased “as a result of the fact that our Government made the advance payment of the Christmas bonus to the public sector and it has been becoming more dynamic since the month of November. Families are looking for discounts, discounts on all the products that have to do with the end of the year dinner and the new clothes, footwear ”.

He said that due to the approximate influx of 25 thousand visitors, the more than 6 thousand merchants between fixed and temporary of the Roberto Huembes have extended the hours of attention to buyers, until 7 at night.

"Thank God we have all gone well because we have affordable prices and we hope that consumers will visit us in the Roberto Huembes market, we merchants hope that next year will be better for everyone and that we continue with the Commander", he said. the merchant María González.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas stated that the Capital Commune, together with COMMEMA, continues to join forces to guarantee better working conditions for merchants and visitors to this popular trade.

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