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Streets for the People builds alternate route in the Nejapa region

The Streets for the People Program benefited 2,517 inhabitants of the Nejapa Comarca in District III of the capital, in the sector known as Divino Pastor, paving a stretch of 10 new blocks with an investment of 4 million 372 thousand 500 córdobas.

These new streets, which were previously on land, become an alternate route that joins the Carretera Vieja a León with the Carretera Sur.

With this road improvement project that lines the main street of Nejapa, the Streets for the People Program reaches 99.3 percent progress, with 732 blocks served, as reported by the Secretary General of the Municipality, Fidel Moreno, during the supervision of the road lining process.

The official from the capital commune explained that 2020 was a successful year for this program because the proposed goal of 737 blocks was exceeded and with 121 projects executed, benefiting 104 neighborhoods of the capital.

Moreno reported that on December 31 the alternate route of the 25th Street will be asphalted, as part of the preparations for the expansion of the Juan Pablo II Track.

With the lining of 25th Street, the Calles para el Pueblo Program will achieve a 100.5 percent reach, with 760 new blocks of road network in the capital.

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