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Barrio 14 de Mayo protagonist of the Streets for the People Program with 12 blocks

The Streets for the People 2020 Program in its final stage benefited the 14 de Mayo neighborhood in District V, paving 12 blocks, leaving them totally new with an investment of 3 million 837 thousand 680 cordobas for 2 thousand 125 protagonists.

Comrade Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of Managua, supervised this project of Streets for the People and mentioned that those 12 blocks, articulate a corridor of road development and integral development, “which we have been doing in this area, between District V and District VII of Managua ”.

He added that the Calles para el Pueblo Program began in the 30 de Mayo neighborhood, passing through Los Angeles, “now on May 14 and joining us, through Villa Xolotlán, in the Eduardo Contreras neighborhood, on February 25, from District VII ”.

He said that these seven neighborhoods have been making a systematic investment in the last two years, which has allowed them to improve comprehensively: drinking water, expansion of sanitary drainage and construction of storm drainage. “And now this final stage, ensuring, viability; they are asphalt streets and concrete streets. In these two years, we have invested in seven different projects, in this neighborhood group, more than 35 million córdobas, and occasionally, this is like the last 12-block stage, with an investment of 3.8 million córdobas ”, manifested.

He said that with these 12 blocks that culminate on December 22, 705 blocks of the 2020 Program for the People are completed, out of a total of 737 blocks planned for this year, reaching 96 percent progress.

“In the next few days we hope to be able to complete and in fact exceed 100 percent of them and with that to have had a successful year of budget execution for our Mayor's Office, but above all, giving back the prominence to our people with such an important and demanding program. how are Streets for the People 2020 ", he said.

Secretary Fidel Moreno explained that by 2021 it is estimated to exceed 800 blocks.

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