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On the eve of Christmas, the family receives their new house in the La Primavera neighborhood

As an early Christmas gift, Ms. Yerania Carolina Membreño Gutiérrez received the keys to her new home in the La Primavera neighborhood, which was built by the Managua Mayor's Office with the solidarity support of the Chinese Embassy (Taiwan).

“I feel very happy and grateful first of all to God and the Virgin Mary. I thank Commander Daniel Ortega and Compañera Rosario, Companero Fidel, for having given me the gift of granting me this house that I so longed for. I lived in a pretty precarious condition. Now I am going to spend very happy because this is really a gift from God and here I am going to live with my family, we are six people. And really, we're not going to get wet anymore because we had to put panitas on the other side, ”said the protagonist.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, stated that the Membreño family's house was destroyed in the downpours of October and November and thanks to the goodwill of the Government and the Embassy of Taiwan they will now have a beautiful home.

“A family that is now anxiously waiting for Christmas, will receive December 24, December 25 and will receive December 31. The first of January in a brand new house, a beautiful decent home, where they will not have a problem, ”said the official from the capital.

For his part, the Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan), Iván Lu, stressed that this project has reached several neighborhoods in the capital, “it is a project that we at the Embassy have greatly appreciated. For us it is very important, we see the before and after photos and there is a big difference, it is something simple, nothing fancy, but there is a decent roof and a concrete floor that improves the conditions of the families ”, said Lu.

The Vice Mayor Armas highlighted the efforts made by the Good Government in the last 10 years in the community of District VI, in which more than 52 million córdobas have been invested, through the execution of 18 infrastructure projects, including , road improvement works and storm drainage, as well as the recovery of public spaces and equipment for sports fields.

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