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Sol de Libertad neighborhood is benefited with "Streets for the People"

In tribute to the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Sol de Libertad neighborhood located in District V, the Calles para el Pueblo program built 12 new blocks with asphalt, benefiting a little more than 5,000 inhabitants, with an investment of 3 million 656 thousand 250 cordobas.

During the tour, the residents of the neighborhood presented their main demands to the municipal authorities, including rainwater drainage, garbage collection and the recovery of public spaces for the benefit of the population.

The youth of Sol de Libertad raised the need to build a park, but in the neighborhood there is no place to build it, but a point was found where the commune is going to build a sports field for them in 2021.

"The mandate of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Compañera Rosario Murillo, is to share directly with the families and little by little we are solving and attending to the needs of the families," he said.

Moreno, reported that the commune will work continuously until the end of the month and evaluated the results of this year's work as positive. “We will work until December 30 and with these remaining days we will be exceeding the operational compliance of the goals set for 2020, although this was a very complex year, this year 2020 in terms of investment and development was a good year, because we were able to complete all the plans for infrastructure, development, social programs, sports, the environment, among others ”.

Francis Rugama, who is the founder of the neighborhood, thanked the building authorities and the central government for the work done in the neighborhood.

"We have gone through many needs, first the coronavirus, then the two hurricanes followed and despite these difficulties that we have faced, the government is providing answers and has been aware of the needs of Nicaraguans."

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