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Managua authorities present municipal management report for the third quarter of the year

As part of the model of Citizen Power and Direct Democracy exercised by the Good Government, the Municipality developed the Fourth Municipal Council of the year 2020, in which the administrative management report for the third quarter of the year, corresponding to the months of July to September 2020.

The municipal authorities detailed all the projects carried out for the Common Good to the capital's population. streets, in the construction of new streets, ”said the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

He highlighted the 34 projects under construction and beautification of public spaces carried out during this quarter from July to September, as well as the 234 streets that were improved during this same period in the 7 districts of the capital, "it is a line in which we have insisted a lot and our Secretary General, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones and our Mayor Reyna Juanita Rueda have highlighted throughout their speeches this year, the construction of a number of streets in the 7 districts of our Managua ”, he said.

Similarly, the mayor of the capital highlighted that in this quarter the Municipality worked insistently on the expansion of the road network.

“There is an investment of 237 million 246 thousand 356 córdobas in the maintenance of streets, in the reconstruction of streets and in the opening of new streets. The road network was greatly improved in neighborhoods such as Casimiro Sotelo, Edgar Lang, Altamira, Campo Bruce, El Paraisito, Domitila Lugo, Jorge Salazar, Enrique Lorente, Farabundo Martí; The streets were also improved in Laureles Sur, in the Lenín Grado neighborhood, in Villa Canada, Villa Libertad, in Altos de Santo Domingo, the United Nations Track, the La Refinería Track, Altos de Ticomo, Carretera Norte, on the track of Sabana Grande and in the area of Esquipulas ”, explained the Vice Mayor.

During his speech, the Vice Mayor specified that in the different projects that were executed in the 7 Districts of Managua, in the July-September period, the Municipality invested an amount of 318 million 981 thousand 946 cordobas.

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