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Families of the San Antonio Sur region celebrate new road network

The inhabitants of the San Antonio Sur Region in District V of Managua will enjoy a more pleasant, safe and peaceful Christmas atmosphere, thanks to the 8-block asphalt surfacing carried out by the Municipality, with an investment cost of 1 million 373 thousand cordobas.

This Road Improvement Project was delivered by the Secretary of the Managua Council, partner Jennifer Porras, to 4,837 protagonists, settled in 423 homes.

"We are happy with this gift that the government and the Mayor's Office give us on Christmas Eve, thanks to this new achievement today we can circulate without problems in summer and winter, here were some dustbins and puddles that could not be traveled neither in vehicles, nor in caponiers ”, expressed the protagonist Dina Contreras.

Porras said that this work was carried out in response to the request of the residents and producers of the area, who for years raised the need for better streets to circulate and harvest their crops in rainy weather.

“This work that we are delivering today through this management model, is thanks to the trust of each one of you and the taxes of each one of you, this is a solidarity model, a model that is sensitive to the situation and the needs of a people and that meets the needs required by the population, this is what allows us today to be thanking God for delivering works to this community, ”said Porras.

He added that in this region, the Municipality has been working in stages, “it is a commitment that was had with these families to improve their living conditions and we will continue working. The projections for 2021 are to continue with the platforms from the main street ”, he said.

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