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They deliver a new home to a family from Villa Nueva

In the Villa Nueva neighborhood of District III, dignified housing number 348 was delivered, which is being built by the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power with the unconditional support of the people and Government of China (Taiwan).

Doña María Laura Morales was benefited with the new home, where she will live with her husband, children and a granddaughter.

This dignified home was delivered by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales and Mr. Iván Lu, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of China (Taiwan) in Nicaragua.

The Vice Mayor gave words of gratitude to the Embassy of China (Taiwan) for the efforts and supportive support to bring well-being, security and prosperity to the neediest families in Managua, with the delivery of decent housing.

The protagonist was very grateful that her house was completely rebuilt; In his old house and in the rainy season he constantly got wet, due to the leaks in the roof. "I have lived in this neighborhood for more than 25 years and no government has ever cared so much about my family," Morales said.

For his part, the Minister Counselor of Taiwan, Iván Lu, expressed that they will continue to support with the delivery of these houses that improve the quality of life of people, "we from the Embassy participate and will continue to participate in activities and projects that benefit Nicaragua "Said the diplomat.

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