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Engines roar at the 2020 Motocross Final

Motocross took over the Extreme Track of Paseo Xolotlán this weekend, with the final of the IV National Motocross Championship 2020, where 150 riders participated nationwide, in 14 categories, ranging from children to professional.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, thanked the runners and the organizers for the development of this sporting event and, at the same time, urged them to continue participating in these recreational spaces.

“And of course to invite you to continue participating in these events, thanks to the girls, boys, young people, prefects, the elderly and once again they will play on this beautiful track built by the Mayor's Office of Managua for all these events, "he said.

He also reported that Nicaragua will host the Central American Motocross Championship next May.

Sara Flores, representative of the Nicaraguan Motocross Commission (CONIMOTO), said that with this competition they continue to promote extreme sports throughout the country, which will have a greater boost with the Central American, other Latin American and other international athletic spaces.

For his part, Pedro Campusano, who participates in the veteran category, thanked the support provided by the Good Government to the sport, “This type of activity is phenomenal and a championship that defines the best in motocross. We are happy that the government supports these events and we can see it by setting up a spectacular track ”, he said.

The families enjoyed the turns, mud and adrenaline of the competition, as Mileydi Herrera commented, “I really enjoy coming to admire this sport. I come to support my brother and my husband, they are both runners, this event is super great, we all enjoy the excitement and adrenaline of this sport and it is healthy for the youth ”.

This Motocross Championship is held annually on different tracks in the country, but this is the second year that the final has been held on the Paseo Xolotlán track.

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