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Fritangas "La Estancia Familiar" and "El Buen Pastor" ready for the contest

This Friday, the Municipality continued touring the restaurants registered in the popular and innovative contest "The cleanest and most beautiful Fritanga in Managua", which promotes traditional gastronomy, a healthy competition in the best spoons in the capital.

On this occasion, two fritters located in the La Primavera neighborhood of District 6 of the capital were visited. The first was “La Estancia Familiar” by Mrs. Luisa Amanda Jalina, who has participated in the last contests held; Afterwards, they visited the “El Buen Sabor” fritter by Doña Jaquelin del Carmen Cerda, who is participating for the second time in this gastronomic competition.

Both establishments are preparing to present their best dishes to the qualifying jury, which has the task of verifying the parameters of the contest, which are: good hygiene practices when preparing and serving the dish, the taste of the food and the proper handling of waste. liquids and solids.

Juan Ramón Campos, Specific Director of Environmental Management of the Commune, affirmed that in this seventh edition of the contest, 2 modalities are developed, one virtual and the other face-to-face.

The Virtual Contest is carried out through social networks and the fritanga that has the most "likes" is rewarded. It began with a weekly dynamic, in which more than 50 registered fritangas participate, the first contest was "The Cleanest Fritanguero Place", which was won by the fritanga Janiksa from the Domitila Lugo neighborhood, District 4, with more than 1,500 " I like it".

The second dynamic took place last week with "The Enchilada and the Richest Refreshment", the first place was obtained by the fritanga "El Buen Pastor" from Villa Bulgaria, District 7, with 1,200 "likes."

Today Friday at 9:00 at night the dynamic of this week ends "The Richest Slice with Cheese", and the last virtual contest will be "The Longest Roast Meat" which will be on our virtual platform from 10:00 of the night of this Friday, December 4, until 9:00 of the night of Thursday, December 10.

The Face-to-Face Contest will take place next Sunday, December 13, at the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park; In which the 4 winners of the 4 virtual contests and the 3 best fritters from each of the districts of the municipality will participate. In this event, the first 3 places will be awarded, with 20 thousand córdobas for the first place, 15 thousand for the second and 10 thousand for the third place of this event.

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